About Tom

Tom Christensen

With a gift for subtle comedy, Tom Christensen is racking up television credits on shows like Happy Endings2 Broke Girls, and  Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.  Tom is a passionate improviser, and created the role of Chet for the indie feature Thanks for Dying.  He performs a one-man, fully improvised musical called Tom Christensen IS North Dakota! and teaches the craft at AMDA.  Tom brought those song and dance skills to his role as King Katt Walsh in the smash stage hit, I Love Lucy® Live On Stage. 

Tom was already heavily into theater before moving to Los Angeles.  He cut his professional teeth out of high school at the FrostFire Summer Theatre, where he lived in a former convent with his fellow players and performed on musicals for busloads of elderly and otherwise enfeebled audience members.

Tom found a second home when he joined The Mask & Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania. The Club was already 112 years old when he began writing and performing musical sketch comedy with the historic all-male troupe. His pride only grew when he was assigned the biggest pair of tits to wear for his first production. Mask and Wig quickly took over Tom’s life, culminating with his election to Chairman. Despite his involvement with Mask & Wig, Tom eventually graduated from The Wharton School.

Tom lives in Los Angeles, and he probably likes you.