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New Agency: elev8!


Sound the trumpets: the wonderful ladies at elev8 will be  joining my team! Nicole St. John (theatrical) and Kylie MacKenzie (commercial) will be negotiating on my behalf,  working alongside Colin Harp and TJ Stein at Stein Entertainment Group.

elev8 Talent and Literary Agency
Nicole St. John, Theatrical
Kylie MacKenzie, Commercial
489 South Robertson Boulevard
Suite 206, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Tel 310 734 8688
Fax 310 734 8669

Commercials Film Television Theater

New Management: Stein Entertainment Group!


I’m happy to officially announce that I will be working with Colin Harp at Stein Entertainment Group, headed by TJ Stein!  This is an exciting new development, just in time for the upcoming episodic season.

With the addition of Stein and the momentum from last year’s success with 2 Broke Girls, Happy Endings, and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, this will be a very exciting year!

Stein Entertainment Group
Colin Harp, Manager
(323) 822-1400
8285 W. Sunset Blvd., #2
West Hollywood, CA 90046

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ACTORS: How Does the SAG-AFTRA Merger Affect You?


SAG & AFTRA are officially moving to merge.  Ballots are on their way for members to vote.  I am a pro-merger actor for a variety of reasons, but we should all be aware of the realistic effects of the merger.

Having read the merger documents, these are the takeaways of how the  SAG-AFTRA will actually affect actors:

  • The budgets will be combined, so…no cost savings. (Merger Agreement, XII, A)
  • Initiation fees will be $3,000 for 3 years following the merger (Merger Agreement, XII, B)
  • Annual dues will be $198 for the 3 years following the merger, so…no cost savings (Merger Agreement, XII, C)
  • Dues will increase 2% per year (Merger Agreement, XII, C)
  • Work dues will be 1.575% up to $500k (Merger Agreement, XII, D, 1)
  • Membership eligibility stays the same: open to all principal actors in union projects, and background after 3 union days (Constitution, III, A, 1, a)
  • A strike vote requires 75% approval of those affected by the strike (Constitution, XI, E)
  • You can propose a referendum to amend the constitution with the signatures of 10% of members in good standing (Constitution, XVIII, A, 1)
  • The Health and retirement plans will not automatically merge. SAG-AFTRA will have to do more hard work. (Feasibility Review, p. 2)
  • There is no guarantee that merging Health & Retirement plans will save the unions and their members money (Feasibility Review)
I plan on voting for the merger and urging the resulting SAG-AFTRA leadership to cut costs where possible.  The primary benefits of the merger should be general cost savings, not increases.  The merger will mean one fewer HR department, one fewer Finance department, fewer board members and representatives, a smaller legal team, etc.




New Commercial Representation with Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast Talent Group Represents Tom Christensen

I recently signed with Hugh Leon, head of adult commercials at Coast to Coast Talent Group. Hopefully, you will be seeing me across the cable spectrum on a tv soon!

For booking information, please see the contact page.