Excellent communication requires excellent observation. These skills can be learned and improved by everyone. Use improvisation to absorb what is really happening with the people around you. Coaching will teach you to focus on the how and why:

  • How someone speaks can be more informative than what someone says
  • Subtle behaviors are more telling than big gestures
  • Understanding someone’s surface-level feelings can help you understand their deeper needs


“Tom is always professional and always prepared. He takes all aspects of his career seriously and has a great sense of focus.” – Peter B.

“Tom and I have performed together for years. He is one of the only improvisers I connect with so well, that I can confidently step on stage with him anytime, under any circumstance, and know we will always make improv magic.” – Anonymous

“Tom understands improv and all the infinite subtleties that go into making a great performance.” – Anonymous

“Tom is my definition of a professional actor. He grasps the importance of both the business side and artistic side of an entertainment career and blends them perfectly with out ever sacrificing the integrity of either.” – Anonymous

“Improv is the practice of finding inspiration and using it. Improv helps you feel confident in all situations because you are taking the biggest risk you can, going up in front of the world with only yourself.” – Anyonymous

“Improv is the best confidence builder there is because you are forced to rely on yourself and all of those people around you. Learn to say yes to things and believe in yourself.” – Anonymous

“Tom is a solid, confident, and clean improviser. He is the pinnacle of being a team player when it comes to improv. Tom has an amazing ability to analyze , listen, and contribute to a scene with out taking any focus away from where it needs to be. Tom is also equally skilled at jaw dropping performances as his own army of one.” – Anonymous