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Improv Television

Bishop Shoots Improv Pilot

Bishop Improv is Marshall Givens, Julia Wackenheim-Gimple, Tom Christensen, Jaime Moyer, & Clayton Froning

My improv team, Bishop, just shot a super fancy pilot for the web.  You can see us here in studio in front of the green screen.  I had a blast working with the very capable cast and crew, and can’t wait to do it again!

Highlights definitely include Clay smashing Taco Bell into my face for 5 minutes straight, playing the Kardashians’ dog, and working with dynamo Chelsea Heath.

The cast includes me, Marshall Givens (Bloodsucking Bastards), Julia Wackenheim-Gimple (God Particles), Jaime Moyer (2 Broke Girls), & Clayton Froning (Teen Wolf).


Two Shows Tonight: Gristle @ComedySportz 8 PM, RG @iO 9 PM


Tonight, come see Gristle (me, Peter Berube, Clayton Froning, & Eden Malyn) at ComedySportz LA at 8:00 PM.

Then, I’m immediately heading over to the 10th Annual LA Improv Comedy Festival, which is in full swing at iO West.  See Riverboat Gamblers (me, Apul Patel, & Blake Walker) tonight at 9:00 PM in the iO West Loft.


Improv Theater

Gristle: Monday, 5/14 @ ComedySportz LA

gristle-improv-poster Ladies and Your Gentlemen!  After an extended sabbatical hunting large game across the Dark Continent, the brave men of Gristle have returned.  They will perform a show that will dazzle the senses, tomorrow night!

  • Watch Col. Clayton Froning reenact his bare-chested wrestling of a she-lion!
  • Witness Adm. Thomas M. Christensen perform a most lewd native dance!
  • And, for the first time, Gristle welcomes Lady Eden Malyn to serenade you to the BRINK OF TEARS – but no further.

ComedySportz LA Mix
featuring Gristle
Monday, 5/14 @ 9:00 PM
733 Seward Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Improv Theater

New Poster for Gristle Improv

Gristle Improv: Peter Berube, Tom Christensen, & Clayton Froning
Here’s the first poster for my new improv team, Gristle.  I hope it tickles you just so. 

Come check out some killer improv with me, Peter Berube, and Clayton Froning!

Gristle & Friends
6/04/11 @ 8:00 PM
643 Carondelet St.
Los Angeles, CA

Improv Theater


Gristle Improv with Tom Christensen, Clayton Froning, and Peter Berube
Gristle is: Peter Berube, Clayton Froning, and Tom Christensen

For the last few weeks, I have been rehearsing a three-man show with Peter Berube & Clayton Froning. We are calling ourselves Gristle and will host a night of improv at the end of the April. Stay tuned for more news about our show, which will be at The Hayworth Theater on Wilshire and Carondelet.  Yay!

Peter, Clay, and I met through the improv and sketch group Lord Dynamite and worked on the projects Pitch It!, Thanks for Dying, and The Start-Ups.

Film Television Videos

The Start-Ups Pilot Wrapped

Kayla Morrisey and Tom Christensen in The Start-Ups Webseries
Kayla Morrisey & Tom Christensen

The Start-Ups is the latest and greatest production from Lord Dynamite Films. The improvised pilot stars the core ensemble from Lord Dynamite, which made the feature film Thanks for Dying earlier this year.

The series centers around loosely organized criminals in Los Angeles, brought together by the current economic downturn. I play Lars Gunderson, an ex-special forces soldier who is out of his element in civilian life.

Release TBD.

The cast of The Start-Ups includes, but is not limited to:

Peter Berube
Tom Christensen
Anne Flanagan
Clayton Froning
Tyler Jolley
Eden Malyn
Kayla Morissey
Jeff Perkins
Mark Pinckney
Jill Slattery
Elizabeth Triplett

The film was written and directed by Peter Berube, and co-produced by Peter Berube and Danny Shelby


Buddy Action Therapy 3 Tops Funny or Die

The third installment of the webseries, Buddy Action Therapy, is now listed as a User Pick on the Funny or Die homepage! Check it out:

The third installment of Buddy Action Therapy stars Tom Christensen, Clayton Froning, and Kayla Morissey with Peter Berube, Jeff Perkins

Buddy Action Therapy is directed by Danny Shelby


M for Mustache on Funny or Die

I play the cuckolded husband in the new sketch M for Mustache, written by and starring fellow Lord Dynamite cast member Clayton Froning. The project was directed by Danny Shelby, and is a co-production of Lord Dynamite Films and Shelby Films.

This marks the third time I have appeared on the front page of Funny or Die!


Buddy Action Therapy: 3rd Session Shoots, Wraps

The third installment of the web series, Buddy Action Therapy, is in post-production and will soon be released on the comedy hub www.FunnyOrDie.com.

The two previous episodes can be found under videos.


M for Mustache Shoots

Today, I portrayed a cuckolded husband in the comedic short, M for Mustache.  The piece was written by Clayton Froning, a fellow ensemble member from Lord Dynamite.

Inspired by Fronings’s real life mustache, a vestige from his role as Giles Rodney in Thanks for Dying, the short centers around a man whose life is overrun by a sentient mustache.  The project was directed by Danny Shelby, who collaborated with Froning and Christensen on the webseries, Buddy Action Therapy.