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Bishop Shoots Improv Pilot

Bishop Improv is Marshall Givens, Julia Wackenheim-Gimple, Tom Christensen, Jaime Moyer, & Clayton Froning

My improv team, Bishop, just shot a super fancy pilot for the web.  You can see us here in studio in front of the green screen.  I had a blast working with the very capable cast and crew, and can’t wait to do it again!

Highlights definitely include Clay smashing Taco Bell into my face for 5 minutes straight, playing the Kardashians’ dog, and working with dynamo Chelsea Heath.

The cast includes me, Marshall Givens (Bloodsucking Bastards), Julia Wackenheim-Gimple (God Particles), Jaime Moyer (2 Broke Girls), & Clayton Froning (Teen Wolf).

Improv Theater

Wheelhouse: iO West’s New Premier Harold Team!

This is a wheelhouse, I think. We don't have a graphic yet. Apologies.
This is a wheelhouse.
We don’t have a graphic.

The iO West theater in Hollywood has completely overhauled its improv programming.  Beginning January 8th, three premier teams will perform the theater’s flagship form, The Harold: King Ten, Heyday, and the team I am privileged to play on, Wheelhouse.

The players are Tommy BechtoldFrank Caeti, Tom Christensen, Chris GorbosKyle MoreJustin Michael TerryLynn TrickeyErik Voss & Danielle Weeks.  Coached by Dave Hill

This is a major change for the theater, which for years had 9 house teams, give or take.  Following the dissolution of all but one (King Ten), Artistic Director James Grace designed the smaller, sleeker Wednesday night lineup.

Tuesday nights have been reprogrammed as well.  14 teams will alternate weekly on the main stage, leaving the Del Close Theater for good.  New classes and independent shows will fill the space, presumably.

Wheelhouse with Heyday (followed by King Ten)
Every Wednesday @ 8 PM
iO West Main Stage (6366 Hollywood Blvd, LA, CA 90028)

Improv Theater

Gristle: Monday, 5/14 @ ComedySportz LA

gristle-improv-poster Ladies and Your Gentlemen!  After an extended sabbatical hunting large game across the Dark Continent, the brave men of Gristle have returned.  They will perform a show that will dazzle the senses, tomorrow night!

  • Watch Col. Clayton Froning reenact his bare-chested wrestling of a she-lion!
  • Witness Adm. Thomas M. Christensen perform a most lewd native dance!
  • And, for the first time, Gristle welcomes Lady Eden Malyn to serenade you to the BRINK OF TEARS – but no further.

ComedySportz LA Mix
featuring Gristle
Monday, 5/14 @ 9:00 PM
733 Seward Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Improv Theater

My New Harold Team, “Natural 20”

Natural 20 improv at iO West

Starting next Tuesday, I will be performing with a new Harold team at iO West. We are called “Natural 20,” a reference to the iconic Dungeons & Dragons roll. Once again, I will be coached by Annie Hoff of USS Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Natural 20 is:

Katie Bogart Ward
Dave Colan
Tommy Bechtold
Tom Christensen
RC Fill
Will Koehl
Patrick Babbitt
Hillary Bauman
Erik Voss

Please join us for an hour of entertainment, co-hosted by the Harold team Waterloo

Natural 20
Every Tuesday @ 8 PM
iO West (6366 Hollywood Blvd)

Blog Improv Theater

Thanks for an Amazing Run!


Thank you for making Tom Christensen IS North Dakota such a success. The solo musical was an amazing experience, one I hope to bring back to the stage as soon as possible. Last night’s show was so much fun to do. Since my first solo show, I have been dying to do a Disney-esque anthropomorphicized musical, and last night I crammed that square peg straight through that round hole.

Most importantly, thanks to Scott Passarella, the other half of the one-man show. Indisputably talented and kind, it was a pleasure working with you as always.

Thanks to Zach Pizza and Kyle Duncan Graham for putting the USoI together.

Thanks to my fiance Casey for rallying the troops and coming to every show.

Improv Theater Videos

VIDEO: “AUTHORITY,” One-Man Fully Improvised Musical

This is the show that won the United States of Improv tournament at the 9th Annual Los Angeles Improv Festival! The prize is a three week run at iO West, so come check out Tom Christensen IS North Dakota on Mondays (6/13, 6/20, & 6/27) at 10:00 PM.

Team North Dakota (Tom Christensen) played with Team Indiana (Mike Bonifer, Erica Gowland, Annie Hoff, Matt Keene, Tony Lewellen, Robyn Norris, Zabeth Russell, Adam Sandroni, Matt VanCuren, Maggy Keegan, & Todd Ritz) and won the audience vote!

The competition was scheduled for midnight, but my solo musical didn’t start until 1:10 A.M. Where do I get the energy? Bourbon, neat.

Improv Theater

North Dakota WINS! Three More Shows this Month

tom-christensen-is-north-dakota-improv-io-west-1 Thanks to your incredible support, Team North Dakota (Tom Christensen with accompanist Scott Passarella) won the United States of Improv tournament! My reward is a run of three shows in June, so please come to the show! 

Tom Christensen is North Dakota!
Mondays in June (6/13, 6/20, & 6/27)
10:00 PM @ iO West

united-states-of-improv-tom-christensen Saturday’s audience was amazing. Team Indiana (Mike Bonifer, Erica Gowland, Annie Hoff, Matt Keene, Tony Lewellen, Robyn Norris, Zabeth Russell, Adam Sandroni, Matt VanCuren, Maggy Keegan, & Todd Ritz) went first and had a hilarious show. My show did not start until 1:10 AM, and yet we had a full house, lining the stairs, standing room only, in the wee morning hours. You cheered me on with great gusto, and I thank you. 

Please share the videos Steroids and You Go Get Her, Boy! with your friends.
Improv Theater

VIDEO: Trailer for “The Wind,” One-Man Improvised Musical

On Saturday, I played my third one-man musical in the United States of Improv tournament.  Team North Dakota (Tom Christensen) took on Team New York (Tommy Bechtold, Karen Graci, Colin Hughes, Chris Fontakis, Brandon Sornberger, Rich Fancher, & Steve Major). Team NoDak won the audience vote!

My next show is Saturday, 6/11, the last main stage show of the 9th Annual Los Angeles Improv Festival! Tickets are on sale at TicketWeb


United States of Improv Tournament
Saturday, 6/11/11 @ MIDNIGHT
iO West – 6366 Hollywood Blvd.

Improv Theater Videos

VIDEO: My Second One-Man Improvised Musical!

Last Saturday, Team North Dakota (Tom Christensen) played with Team Rhode Island (Matt Cavedon, Christian Edsall, Deidre Scott, Seth Weitberg, & Thom Vacca) and won the audience vote!

Here is the video:

new-york-vs-north-dakota Thanks to your ongoing support, Team North Dakota is still in the United States of Improv Tournament at iO West.  Please join us for the next round! 

United States of Improv Tournament
Saturday, 5/28/11 @ 11:30 PM
iO West – 6366 Hollywood Blvd.

Improv Theater

Thanks to Chelsea Coleman for these Posters!


A special thanks to fellow improvisor Chelsea Coleman for helping me promote Team North Dakota in my upcoming show! 

These look fantastic.

United States of Improv Tournament:
Round 2: Rhode Island vs. North Dakota
Saturday, 5/21/11 @ 11:30 PM
iO West – 6366 Hollywood Blvd.