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Joining “The Cartel” @ iO West

Tonight, I will perform with The Cartel for the first time!  The shows are part of iO West’s Harold Night lineup on Tuesday nights, 9:30 PM. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with some veteran improvisors. I will be joining Ernie Macias, Laura Davis, Drew Coolidge, Chris Gorbos, Tommy Bechtold, Erik Voss,Lauri Roggenkamp , Muretta Moss, & Justin Uretz.  Coach Andy St. Clair has […]


Kitty Porn is now an iO West Main Stage Team

After nearly a year in the “Dickbox,” the iO West Andy Dick Experimental Black Box Theater, Kitty Porn is changing venues! The 8-person ensemble has been moved to the iO West Main Stage. Beginning tomorrow, the Harold team will have weekly shows alongside Gypsy Lou at 11:00 P.M. every Tuesday […]


New Improv Show: Triple Platinum

Graham Douglas, Ryan O’Quinn, and I will be performing a 3-man lonform improv show, Triple Platinum. The group is scheduled for a single performance at the end of August, but we hope to book more shows in the future. All three of us played together on iO West’s Harold team, […]