Our Supreme Leader, Skye Von, just shared the final cut of “Juicy Affairs!”

Chris Andrew, Tom Christensen, Katy Davis, Christopher May, Nicole Nelson, Douglas Harvey, Bill Kennedy, Nathan Van Hala, Jullian Yuki, & Robbie Kirkoff

Skye Von, Donna Trousdale Producer, Kristina M. Schulte-Eversum, Jonathan Henry, Nathan Van Hala, James Boyer, Ambre Wrigley, Andrea Mendosa, Elyse Ares, Jennifer Thrasher, Annette Acuna, Andrea Jimenez, Janean Jeffries, Adam Whittington, Madison Couch, Lance Casey, Sam Barnett, Adam Morrison, Doug Beatty, & Michael Mena

New Reel

January 29, 2010, in Film, Television, Videos,

Several of my projects from 2009 are mired in post-production, but the footage marches on in my demo reel. You can see the video here, on the Reel page (http://Reel.Tom-Christensen.com), or on YouTube. Enjoy!

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NEW VIDEO: Chelsea Lately

December 28, 2008, in Television, Videos,

See my TV debut, now on my reel page, or on YouTube.